Shipping & Returns

Refund and Return Policy 

To the extent that you purchase any goods directly from us, we may refund you your purchase price within thirty (30) days of you notifying us in writing of your desire for the refund, together with the reason for the request, subject to the return of the product to us in substantially the same condition as when purchased.  All notifications must be addressed to  All returns MUST be in brand new and unused condition. Any refund or return may be subject to a 15% restocking fee.   The customer is responsible for the return shipping.  If you purchase an item and were not charged any shipping when the item was shipped to you, upon the return, you will be responsible for those shipping costs.  

If you received a damaged product, you must notify us immediately at  You must send pictures of the damaged product, along with the damaged packaging.  If you notice the damage upon delivery of the product, you must make a note of the damage with the shipping company, UPS, Fedex, or any other company.  



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