Biria Bikes
Elegantly Engineered to Elevate Your Ride

About Biria

After decades in the cycling industry, we continue to marvel at the simple magic of two wheels — the seamless balance and quiet motion that propel you forward. Born in Germany and established as a favorite across Europe, Biria Bicycles was introduced to North America in 2002. We view bicycles not just as vehicles but as vital solutions to major challenges. They enhance health and wellbeing, cut down on carbon emissions, and foster more livable, interconnected communities.

Driven by this vision, we've crafted a bike that fits perfectly into your daily life!

An International Brand

Biria Bikes, originally rooted in Germany, is a celebrated international brand that has gained widespread acclaim across Europe for its blend of utility and style. Established as a key player in the bicycle industry, Biria Bikes crossed over to North America in 2002, driven by a passion to introduce the same level of comfort and quality that defined the European cycling experience. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and understanding of cultural nuances in bicycle design and utility have solidified Biria as a go-to brand for riders seeking a reliable and stylish cycling partner.

Versatile Offerings

As urban landscapes evolve, so too does the demand for versatile, city-oriented bicycles. Biria Bikes has responded by expanding its product range to include an array of options tailored to the modern rider. From the upright comfort of our City Bicycles to the innovative convenience of electric-assisted and folding bicycles, and even the sleek simplicity of our single-speed track bikes, Biria offers a variety of models to suit different urban environments and riding preferences. Each bike is available in multiple colors, ensuring that personal style and functionality go hand in hand.

Innovative and Consumer Focused

Biria Bikes prides itself on being a leader in innovation, consumer focus, and quality. We are often the first to market with stylish bicycles that are not only fun to own but also meet the varied needs of our consumers. From offering a diverse range of colors and frame designs to ensuring each model reflects the dynamic and evolving trends of the bicycle industry, Biria stands committed to enhancing the cycling experience. Born in Europe and brought to North America, we strive to infuse every aspect of our business with the dynamism and innovative spirit that Biria Bikes was founded on.