'78 SoHo. People replace the grit

NYC has changed a lot in the last thirty something years. The city thinks it's all improvement, New Yorker's say it's loosing its character. There both right when it comes to SoHo. We definitely miss the days when it was used for artists to work and squat, that's for sure. But in looking back at the picture of Spring and Crosby in '78, other than dirt covering half the streets, theres one big difference. People.

Look at the Google Street view picture of the same angle:

Same ole' place really, but it was a ghost town!

I know your used to hearing everyone complain about how many people there is. But you also don't see them moving to the "sticks" listening to crickets, do you.

We NYers are addicted to energy. We may complain a lot about the foot traffic of Broadway, but we secretly love it. Our city couldn't be that cool if nones' here, right?

Most of all, we're all work-o-hollics, and there's nothing more depressing and weird to us than working alone in the dark. We need energy to keep moving, so as long as it's economically viable to pay the rent down here, were staying put, adn your welcome to come too.


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